Hi, I’m Ophira. I’m the nerdy mom behind Easy Mommy Life.

Life is too short and varied to be limited by labels. You can raise your children on a nutritious diet, provide the safest toys and clothe them in organic clothes but circumstances don’t always permit you to live by these guidelines and it certainly helps if you allow yourself to not lose your sleep over it.

I wanted to raise my child in the most natural way possible. I read up on breastfeeding research, baby wearing, cloth diapering, baby led weaning, gentle parenting and immersed myself into this gentler more involved way of parenting. Somewhere along the way I realised I was my best when I approached each of these in a practical manner. A way to not fret over these labels but create an organised household that allows you to implement your systems. And most of all not have guilt if I did fail at times.

As new moms we navigate through the same milestones and struggles. This brought me to the conception of this blog. My second baby! Easy Mommy Life is a space where we can discuss and explore a more natural and conscious parenting life. Where we talk about moms too, and ways for us to stay engaged with ourselves be it our interests, makeup, fashion or other lifestyle elements.