5 Easy One Pot Meal Recipes For Busy Moms

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Motherhood, Recipes | 1 comment

Our lives are getting busier with fast-paced jobs and travel to and from the workplace. As mothers, we want to be able to add healthy meals to our families diet. This can be done with the help of one pot meals. Home cooked food does not have to be a time-consuming activity.

I struggled a long-time finding the perfect one pot meal recipes that can rescue me on busy days. Recipes that didn’t involve a lot of cooking skills, were quick, filling and tasty too.

easy one pot meal recipes for busy moms

Once my son joined in on our family meals at 6 months, I became even more aware of the ingredients I was using. Trying my best to keep meals as natural as possible with fewer processed ingredients like processed meats, certain sauces, ketchup etc. In a bid to include more vegetables for his sake, I got innovative with how I added vegetables to every dish. That’s where these family staple one pot vegetarian meals came to use.

These one pot meal recipes are:

  • Toddler- approved!! So yummy my toddler licks his bowl clean when I make them.
  • Loaded with healthy vegetables that taste divine.
  • Use ingredients that are available all year around.
  • Are packed with super-food nutrition.
  • Don’t require you to be Master Chef.

If I can cook them with a thumbs up from my hubby and child you can do it too!

It is challenging with our busy lives to maintain a balanced diet at home, but hopefully, my easy one pot meal recipes will help you out.





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