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Our Homeschool Supplies List

In the last post, we looked at what a kindergartener should know in detail. Today, I will list out our homeschool supplies list so that you get a better idea about the types of resources you will need at hand to start the homeschool year.

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Most of these are books and toys we’ve collected over the years and flow naturally alongside the child’s development. These were not specially bought to homeschool, but more to support learning at home. This year as we dive into homeschooling I gathered all of these existing toys and books and now use them in my homeschool session with our son.

homeschool supplies list

That said there were a few new additions to our homeschool resources that I purchased specifically to target the learning goals of a kindergartener. Here is


Basic Homeschool Teaching Supplies


Printer Paper


Folders: I have one for each subject we cover this year

Chart Paper

World Globe


Small Chalkboard 


Charts: GoDiscover Smart Charts

Study Table and Chair (Cuddly Coo is offering an extra 5% off to my readers on all products.Use code CCFAMILY at checkout.) (affiliate code)

Reading and Writing

Alphabet Puzzle

Flipclass Phonics & Vocabulary Workbook

Phonics Songs App on Iphone/Android

Bob Books

Dreamland Very First Sight Words

Montessori Letter Work

Sand Paper letters

Skola Word Building Wheel

Plastic Alphabets

Word Puzzle

Fun With Words Puzzle

ABC Wooden Tracing Board

Activity Sheets for English/Math/GK

Dot Stickers

Pattern Activity Books

Leapfrog Laptop


Number Cards

Navneet Counting and Number Book


Flipclass Numbers and Logic Work Book

Lego Mega Bloks (for addition/subtraction activities, sorting by color, more or less activities)

Usborne Lift The Flap Numbers

Usborne Lift The Flap Shapes

Shape Sorting Board

When The Earth Lost Its Shape (a great story book to reinforce concept of shapes)

For some learning books for preschoolers and kindergarteners subject wise check here.

Arts and Crafts and Activity Resources

Sketch Pens

Color Pencils

Paint Brushes

Dabble Play Art Colors


Colored Craft Sheets

Origami Sheets

Pom Poms

Ice cream Sticks

Wooden Pegs

Paper Plates

Follow my Instagram page to see how I plan our days and specific activities we do with our son.

Thats the homeschool preschool supplies we have at the moment. As the year progresses I may add more to this homeschool supplies list depending on how we go from here. But for now this does look like all we will need for this homeschool year.

Hope this list helps you as you plan your home education. If you have any doubts, feel free to drop a comment below.

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  1. Wow .. this is the most informative post I ve read in sometime .. so so helpful. So motivated to start off with ATLEAST some of this resources. Thank you so much for this post ..


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