What My Toddler Eats In A Week

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I have received a lot of queries on Instagram about what my toddler eats. Starting this month I’m launching a series called “What my toddler eats in a week”. This way other mothers can get an idea of what to offer toddlers. There are very few blog posts and videos online about Indian weaning foods past the initial stage. Hope this series acts as an inspiration for your toddler meals.

toddler eats in a week

What my toddler eats in a week

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, and this is not a portrayal of an ideal diet. Any dietary issues you may face with your child need to be consulted with a doctor and trained nutritionist.

We practice baby led weaning in our home. And I try my best to bring variety to my child’s meals taking all the information I have about food and nutrition into consideration.


We are still breastfeeding at 20 months and breastfeeding consists of  2-3 feeds in the day and 2-3 feeds in the night. I don’t give him any other milk daily, but I do make almond milk at home once or twice a month, and also switch between offering cows milk or goat’s milk from time to time. Its not a daily; “have one glass of milk” type of thing. He gets his nutrition primarily from breast milk and solid foods.


At present he eats 3 full meals and 2 snacks, but there are days he can have as many as 6-7 mini meals a day. I just go with the flow. Being baby led weaned, he eats family meals. But since he eats frequently I prepare many mini meals throughout the day to keep him fed. So the main meals are what we all eat together as a family and the rest are sometimes made especially for him.


I haven’t added pictures of every meal either because many times dinner is the same as lunch or because a hungry toddler didn’t give me enough time to set up the plate and click a picture. To keep it uniform I stuck to 4 pictures a day with detailed description of everything he ate in the day.


Let’s begin,





Breakfast: Started the week with oats pancake and two hard-boiled quail eggs.


Snack 1: Bowl of muskmelon


Lunch: Dal, rice, capsicum sabzi, and a side of mushrooms sautéed in butter.


Snack 2: Sprouted jowar porridge. I simply soak the sprouted jowar in water for 15 minutes. Then cook in 1:2 proportion water and let it cook until the water is absorbed. Towards the end of cook time I add a teaspoon on ghee and cardamom powder.


Dinner: Was the same as lunch.





Breakfast: Pohe. My husband makes some yummy maharashtrian breakfast dishes. Pohe is one of his specialties. (Flattened rice savory breakfast dish)


Snack 1: Chikoo, My son loves fruits and chikoos are one of his favorites. He had 2 chikoos as a snack this day.


Lunch: Dal, rice, okra sabzi, boiled and grated beetroot salad.


Snack 2: Leftover pohe from breakfast, some oat balls, and raisins.


Dinner: Pasta dish. We usually add whatever vegetables are left over in the house. Today in the tomato sauce I added broccoli, onions, leftover green and yellow capsicums. Pasta is a hit with my son; we make pasta atleast once or sometimes even twice a week. Also, its super easy for me to quickly whip up a one-pot pasta meal for dinner. We use whole-wheat pasta.





Breakfast: Upma, Little A’s grandma was home and she made delicious upma.


Snack 1: Watermelon and Brazil nuts. Now the thing is, my son is obsessed with watermelon. As a mother I feel like he is only getting in tiny amounts of calories through this watery fruit. So I made a Brazil nut powder and served that too on the side. This way he is taking in some healthy fats along with the watermelon. It helps to offer nuts your child enjoys.


Lunch: Dal, rice, cabbage and okra sabzi.


Snack 2: 2 hard-boiled quail eggs and oranges.


Snack 3: Oats pancake with teaspoon of honey.


Dinner: Dal, rice, cabbage sabzi and grated beetroot salad.





Breakfast: Pohe once again. Yes, we eat the same foods on repeat!


Snack 1: Chapatti, banana, chikoo. We use a wheat flour and ragi flour mix to make our chapatti. Ragi is a good source of iron. I spread almond butter on the chapatti.


Lunch: Chickpea curry and rice.


Snack 2: Watermelon and scrambled duck egg.


Dinner: Chickpea curry, rice and thalipeeth. In my post on baby led weaning breakfast ideas I mentioned my cheats version to having thalipeeth flour ready at home always. This helps me out on days when I am running out of ideas and I can quickly whip up a snack or a side like this for my son.





Breakfast: Idli and coconut chutney


Snack 1: Overnight oats; I add whatever is available at home to the oats in the night. This day I added, oats, almond milk, almond butter, chia seeds, banana, desiccated coconut and hemp seeds. This one is again one of my son’s absolute favorites.


Lunch: Dal, rice, cauliflower sabzi, grated beetroot salad.


Snack 2: Paneer (cottage cheese), potato patty.


Dinner: Dal, rice, sautéed mushrooms and steamed broccoli with a drizzle of olive oil. We ran out of the lunch vegetables.  Hubby and I wanted to eat some take out, so I quickly made Little A some sautéed mushrooms and steamed broccoli to go along with his dal rice.





Breakfast: Idli. He didn’t want any chutney with his idli. Toddler food choices are random; one day they enjoy eating one thing and the next day they don’t want to touch the same. We don’t fret over it, we just move on to planning the next and he usually forgets about his own specifications in the coming days as you will see next. The key takeaway here is don’t stop preparing things because your toddler won’t eat, repeated exposure makes them get over their initial apprehensions.


Snack 1: Strawberries and some more plain idli’s!


Lunch: Dal, rice, dum aloo (baby potatoes) and spinach sabzi. He was ravenously hungry by this time and loved the dum aloo dish. Win for mommy!


Snack 2: Milkshake (goat’s milk, banana, cardamom powder, and saffron)


Dinner: Same as lunch.





Breakfast: Dosa and chutney. So today with dosa he enjoyed dipping his chutney and eating it. This proves their choices vary everyday.


Snack 1: Oats balls and raisins.


Lunch: Dal, rice, pumpkin sabzi


Snack 2: Uttapa and chutney, I used the dosa batter to make a thicker pancake called uttapa.


Snack 3: Coconut water and tender coconut meat.


Snack 4: Duck egg, chapatti with almond butter and chikoo


Dinner: Mushroom fried rice. There are days like this where he keeps asking for meals, so I make him many mini meals throughout the day.


If you want to take a look at some more snack ideas I use for my son you can check this post on how I get my child to eat healthy everyday for some recipes I shared.

Since I get a lot of questions about some of our baby led weaning equipment and pantry products, I have included a mini favorites list below:


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We buy most of our organic staples like rice and dals from Amazon Pantry. The rest like eggs,milk, fresh fruits and vegetables we either buy organic from Nature’s Basket stores or local vendors.

I hope you found this post useful. If you have any specific queries or want to know more about products I use leave me a comment below.

For more food ideas for your child follow me on Instagram. I regularly upload pictures of what my son eats in a day.






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